Praise for Walking Distance


Foreword Book of the Year


Follow in the footsteps of John Muir and develop your insights into nature and human nature: let Walking Distance be your guide.

                  --Allison Chin, President, Sierra Club

The best way to experience the world is through the intimacy of walking; walk with the Mannings and appreciate the world’s great cultural landscapes.

                  --Gregory Miller, President, American Hiking Society

Walking Distance is an eloquent invitation to join the walking and conservation community.   

                  --John Judge, President, Appalachian Mountain Club

Walking is one of the most sustainable forms of recreation – good for people and good for the earth.  Walking Distance tells readers why, how, and where to walk.

                  --Kate Ashbrook, President, Ramblers

A book to read in the dead of winter so you’ll be longing for spring.

                  --Bill McKibben, Wandering Home

Comments from Readers

“…enthralled and inspired…”

“Your breezy prose makes it easy and pleasurable to read."

“I fell in love with your great hikes book."

“I love the spirit of adventure and exploration.”

“We have so enjoyed dreaming and scheming as we look through the pages.”

“The content is not only informative, but inspirational, the writing is engaging, and the photos are beautiful.”

“I was very impressed with both the writing and imagery.”

“The whole book is SO welcoming and invigorating - it made me want to strap on a backpack and get going!”

Wow, is that ever inspirational!

“This is truly an inspirational book…”

“We were looking for some inspiration to get us thinking more seriously about doing long-distance walking…and this book turned out to be just the ticket (in an almost literal sense).”

“Excellent walking ideas suitable for all levels of fitness and focus.  Good trail descriptions, lovely photos, good quality printing.”

“Very inspirational book.”

“Love this book.  Great descriptions and lovely photography.”

“…well organized and motivates one to want to see the world on foot.”

“Inspirational book!”

“This book filled my heart with new dreams.”

“Informative and all inclusive.  Outstanding!”

“…good read with beautiful pictures and stories within.”

“Walking Distance is eloquent.”

“This is a wonderful book.”

“Beautiful pictures and descriptive text.”

“I purchased Walking Distance for all of my family…”

“Their many footsteps and key taps have resulted in a book I enjoyed reading, and treasure having in my collection.  I strongly recommend it.”

“A great description of walking as a journey of exploration.”

“This is a great book on why we have to walk.”

“This book underscores just how energizing and enjoyable walking is.”

“Very nice book!”