Praise for WalkS OF A LIFETIME


In Walks of a Lifetime, the Mannings explain why walking the great landscapes of the world is the most sustainable form of recreation.

            Aaron Mair, President, Sierra Club

All of us have talked about walking the world’s great trails; in this book, the Mannings show us how to “walk the talk”.

            Gregory Miller, President, American Hiking Society

Walks of a Lifetime should inspire everyone to explore long-distance trails – including several in and around our great cities – and become advocates for conservation in the process.

            John Judge, President, Appalachian Mountain Club

The Mannings have walked dozens of long-distance trails; join them as they wander and wonder through the great cultural landscapes of the world.

            Ron Tipton, Executive Director, Appalachian Trail Conservancy

There can never be too many trails to walk – or, at least, to dream about walking.  The Mannings are reliable guides to paths worth treading.

            Bill McKibben, Wandering Home

Walks of a Lifetime is a beautiful and inspiring guide to many of the world’s great long-distance and multi-day hikes.  We owe the Mannings a debt of gratitude.

            Pam Underhill, Superintendent (retired), Appalachian National Scenic Trail