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In their first book, Walking Distance: Extraordinary Hikes for Ordinary People, Bob and Martha Manning describe walking as “simple, but profound." Nearly everyone can walk, but the benefits of walking are myriad: it can stimulate the intellect, contribute to conservation and sustainability, deepen our understanding and appreciation of the world, be a means to explore spirituality, be a form of political expression, slow our often frantic world, and make us healthier and happier in the process.

In their second book, Walks of Lifetime: Extraordinary Hikes from Around the World, Bob and Martha continue to encourage readers to walk more in their everyday lives and to try long-distance and multi-day walks.  They emphasize the accessibility of walking the world’s great natural and cultural landscapes; the trails they walk are well-marked and managed and can be walked by ordinary people.  The book features first-hand descriptions of 30 long-distance and multi-day walks from around the world.  Walk the iconic coastlines of Italy, Hawaii, Maine, California, Wales, Australia, and New Zealand; hike the great mountain ranges of North America, including the Sierra Nevadas, Rockies, Alaska Range, and Appalachians; walk with pilgrims along the Camino Portugues and Japan’s Kumano Kodo; walk the great cities of the world, including New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, and Sydney; walk through the wilderness of Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska, and Utah; walk along the rim of the Grand Canyon and atop the Great Wall of China; and much more.

Like their first book, Walks of a Lifetime is a beautiful and inspiring book.  The Mannings include helpful and engaging descriptions of the dozens of long-distance walks they've taken, and the book is richly illustrated with their own color photographs.  The trails they describe range from inn-to-inn routes to backpacking treks. This new book also offers a series of 30 short, thought-provoking essays on an array of walking-related topics, including tips on how to prepare for walking, the ethics of walking, the history and philosophy of walking, pilgrimages, journey versus destination, trail angels, the many benefits of walking, and much more.

Table of Contents


Able Tasman Coastal Track (New Zealand)

Walking through the Dictionary

Acadia’s Carriage Roads (Maine, USA)

Human Being, Being Human

Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail (Hawaii, USA)

Rites of Way

Amalfi Coast (Italy)

Trail Angels

Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness (Arizona, USA)

“Are We There Yet?”

Backbone Trail (California, USA)

The Ethics of Walking

Camino Portugues (Portugal and Spain)

Heaven’s Gaits

Cumberland Island National Seashore (Georgia, USA)

Feats of the Feet

Denali National Park and Preserve (Alaska, USA)

Sense of Place

Golden Gate Way (California, USA)

Wandering and Wondering

Grand Canyon Rim Trail (Arizona, USA)

Sitting is the New Smoking

Great Glen Way (Scotland)

Walking as the Original Ecotourism

Great Saunter (New York, USA)

Walking for Others

Great Wall of China (China)

Global to Local, Local to Global

Havasu Canyon (Arizona, USA)

The Art of Walking

High Sierra Camps Loop (California, USA)

Made for Walking

Kumano Kodo (Japan)

Journey Versus Destination

Maroon Bells – Snowmass Wilderness (Colorodo, USA)

“Since You Asked…”

Needles (Utah, USA)


Paris (France)

“Botanizing on the Asphalt”

Pembrokeshire Coast Path (Wales)

Adventures (and Misadventures)

Pennine Way (England and Scotland)

Bearing Witness

Popo Agie Wilderness (Wyoming, USA)

World Wide Web

Presidential Traverse (New Hampshire, USA)

All or Nothing at All?

Queen Charlotte Track (New Zealand)


Sydney (Australia)

“Everything is Somewhere Else”

Thames Path (England)

Trails as Transects

Val d’Orcia (Italy)

Cultural Landscapes

Virgin River Narrows (Utah, USA)

“Step Away from the Vehicle”

Zion Rim-to-Rim (Utah, USA)

Walking the Talk

Trail Finder


About the Authors


Featured on the Public Radio International Program, Living on Earth

Keynote Speakers at the International Trails Symposium and the Walkabout International Conference.


In Walks of a Lifetime, the Mannings explain why walking the great landscapes of the world is the most sustainable form of recreation.

            Aaron Mair, President, Sierra Club

All of us have talked about walking the world’s great trails; in this book, the Mannings show us how to “walk the talk”.

            Gregory Miller, President, American Hiking Society

Walks of a Lifetime should inspire everyone to explore long-distance trails – including several in and around our great cities – and become advocates for conservation in the process.

            John Judge, President, Appalachian Mountain Club

The Mannings have walked dozens of long-distance trails; join them as they wander and wonder through the great cultural landscapes of the world.

            Ron Tipton, Executive Director, Appalachian Trail Conservancy

There can never be too many trails to walk – or, at least, to dream about walking.  The Mannings are reliable guides to paths worth treading.

            Bill McKibben, Wandering Home

Walks of a Lifetime is a beautiful and inspiring guide to many of the world’s great long-distance and multi-day hikes.  We owe the Mannings a debt of gratitude.

            Pam Underhill, Superintendent (retired), Appalachian National Scenic Trail

Comments from readers

“Walks of a Lifetime is a pleasure to read and use.”

“…NatGeo caliber photography…”

“Lovely way to fantasize about what trips to take and where to go.  Can’t wait to hit the trail again.”

“…this book is a wealth of information on long-distance walks around the world.  High recommended.”

“I highly recommend this book as well as the authors’ earlier book, Walking Distance: Extraordinary Hikes for Ordinary People.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.”

“If you like to travel, you will enjoy the exquisite commentary and photos in Walks of a Lifetime!”

“This is an incredibly useful book for deciding where and how you want to walk in the world.  The book is beautifully written and has amazing photos.”

“With Walks of a Lifetime, Bob and Martha Manning have written another beautiful book about the joys of long-distance walking…all of us can sample the extraordinary walks through the detailed and lively descriptions, stunning photos, and use hiking tip.”

“This book has opened my eyes to so many wonderful options.”

“This fabulous book makes a great gift for friends and family who are interested in enjoying nature and culture as the pace of a walk.  Another great walking book from the Mannings.”

“A bout a month ago, I listened to a Living on Earth podcast and was delighted to learn about your books.  They are fantastic.”

“The book is BEAUTIFUL!”

The Authors

Robert Manning is Professor Emeritus at the University of Vermont where he studied and taught the history, philosophy, and management of national parks, wilderness, and related areas.  He conducted a long-term program of research for the US National Park Service and won the University of Vermont’s highest awards for both teaching and research.  Martha Manning is an artist working in fiber and printmaking.  Her work is often inspired by her hikes, and has been published in national magazines and included in nationally juried shows.  Bob and Martha are invited and keynote speakers at meetings around the world and are Hiking Ambassadors for the American Hiking Society.  They live in Prescott, Arizona.